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Redhawk Medical is a non-stocking distributor using the diligence of our salesforce to make the effort to consistently locate each product per the customer’s particular & unique needs and shipped just in time to a facility or direct-to-veteran.


Our focus is DME/HME (durable medical equipment/home medical equipment), ADL (active daily living), & Mobility. Our product offerings include: MPCT-400, i400/i700, Betterwalk Crutches, Maternity Kits, Ewriters, wheelchair accessories, & bathroom safety equipment.


We are dedicated to women's veterans health, with a large and robust maternity care package(s) that coincide with VHA Directive 1330.01(2).

Lastly, Redhawk can find those open market, hard to find, items for example; magazine loaders & motorcycle seat cushions for PT patients. 


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